A & R Bakery
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Visitors to the market can follow the scent of warm cinnamon and fresh dough right to A & R Bakery where they’ll find Annie serving up an array of fresh baked goods. Once there, they should check to see what’s still warm on the shelf and treat themselves. Annie’s fresh-from-the-oven treats are a can’t-miss experience!

Every day at A & R Bakery, customers can choose from a variety of sweet treats (including many gluten-free and sugar-free options). Donuts, whoopie pies, dessert bars, sticky buns, and cinnamon rolls are just some of the delicious options they’ll find. Shoppers that want to elevate their sandwich game should grab a loaf of Annie’s fresh-baked bread. Nothing else compares!

A & R offers custom decorating (cookies, non-tiered cakes, and cupcakes) and Annie’s decorating station is right at the front of the stand so customers can watch as she makes her beautiful creations! A & R also offers great pricing for large events. Stop by and see what’s baking!

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